Happy Hens eggs originate mainly from two beautiful rural properties located in Trichy. This region is noted for its temperate climate, clean air and excellent water quality. All our properties have impressive stands of trees, besides smaller copses that provide shade and shelter for our hens.

Happy Hens eggs are also supplied by surrounding farms. We choose the farmers who join the Happy Hens family with great care. They must provide an environment similar to that of our farms and the farmers themselves must be as passionate about and committed to hen welfare as we are. We believe in small family owned farms to ensure best quality of eggs.


    We work closely with the local community and our farm employs predominantly local women. We provide training to farmers and are working to engage women and farmer groups in alternative agricultural model and sustainable income.



We work hard to protect the environment in which we raise our hens. By planting lots of trees and abstaining from the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers, we make a positive impact. Hen manure is used to a large extent to fertilize our lands. Our pastures are maintained the organic way with the use of Panchagavya,  Jeevamrutha, EM solutions and neem cake.

Our commitment to the environment also includes animal health. Through diligent management and well-informed bio-security practices, we have been able to keep the farms free of disease.

Our focus on sustainability goes beyond poultry farming. We rear native cow breeds like Kangayam, indigenous ponies, sheep and goats, all of them contributing to soil fertility.

Local sourcing helps reduce the impact of transport. Also, our packaging cartons are made from 100% recycled and bio-degradable materials.

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