The hens we raise are improved indigenous breeds, chosen because they are best suited for backyard poultry. They instinctively love the free-range life, foraging for insects, worms and greens, all of which make for a rich diet, with their natural agility. They spend their days wandering across green pastures or scratching under the canopy of trees. We have four varieties of hens on our farms.


One of the indigenous breed we rear is the Kadaknath. It is mainly popular in local to central India because of its adaptability to the environment and also because of the high medicinal properties it possess. The bird has a black plumage with a greenish iridescence, black kegs, claws, beak, comb and wattle. The meat and bones of this breed are dark as well.

We at Happy Hens farm take pride in rearing these breeds in our farm, one reason being that these desi/improved desi breeds have inbound instincts.

The availability of these native breeds is very scarce and so we depend on private institutions and government bodies for their supply.


We have implemented standards set by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the highest animal welfare standard, while raising our hens.

Our birds do not have their beaks trimmed nor their wings clipped. They enjoy a minimum of 45 sqft per bird of range, which means every hen has plenty of space to roam.  We adopt a method of rotating them through green pastures, so they have constant access to greens.

Comfortable, clean nesting boxes are provided to the hens. It allows them to lay eggs and brood in privacy in a secure place.


WhatOur Hens Feed On

Hens are voracious eaters. They spend their days foraging for nutritious greens, seeds and bugs.  The pastures in which our hens are raised have a variety of naturally growing greens and we have also introduced seasonal plants and legumes to enrich the protein content and carotenoid in the hens’ diet. In addition, our hens are fed grains, fresh greens, 100% organic herbs and supplements formulated to meet specific needs.

The diet of our hens is free of non-therapeutic antibiotics, hormones and synthetic growth promoters.


Freedomsour hens enjoy

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst: Our hens have easy access to fresh water and a balanced diet, so they stay healthy and full of vigor.
  • Freedom from discomfort: We provide our hens with an environment that is safe and comfortable, including shelter and resting areas.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease: Our hens are raised to minimize chances of disease. When they show any symptoms of disease, they are diagnosed and treated quickly.
  • Freedom to express natural behavior: Because they have enough space, proper facilities and the company of other hens, our birds are able to adapt natural behavior.
  • Freedom from fear and distress: We do not subject our birds to any sort of stress or suffering.

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